Mary Ellen (Ella) Wonner

F, b. 25 March 1872, d. 23 February 1958
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  • Note*: Documents: entry from marriage record Medical: glaucoma
  • Birth*: 25 March 1872; Bradford, Miami, OH
  • Marriage*: 10 March 1889; Miami, OH; Principal=William (Will) Henry Kingrey
  • Death*: 23 February 1958; Covington, Miami, OH

Family: William (Will) Henry Kingrey b. 19 Jan 1865, d. 3 Apr 1942

William (Will) Henry Kingrey

M, b. 19 January 1865, d. 3 April 1942
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  • Note*: Documents: entry from marriage record, copy of death certificate

    An obituary from The Bradford Sentinel, given to me by Ina Kingrey

    WILLIAM KINGREY Wm. Henry Kingery, son of Joseph and Margaret Kingrey
    was born near Ft. McKinley O. January 19th, 1865 and departed this life,
    Friday, April 3, 1942 at 8:35 p.m. at Memorial Hospital, Piqua, Ohio,
    aged 77 years, 2 months and 14 days.
    March 10, 1889 he was united in marriage with Mary Ellen Wooner. To
    them were born three sons; Leroy, Omer and Ivan.
    He is survived by his wife, the three sons above mentioned, 3
    daughters-in-law and the following grandchildren: Ina Pearl, June,
    Virgil and Frederick and also one great grandson Nelson.
    He was one of a family of eight children. Of these the following
    survive: one sister, Mrs. Sarah Coffman of Houghton Lake, Mich., two
    brothers, Isaac of Clayton and Edward of Clayton, Ohio.
    Mr. and Mrs. Kingrey celebrated their fifty-third anniversary of their
    wedding a few weeks ago, March 10th. Those years of happy prosperous
    married life were spent in the community near Bradford, Ohio.
    At the age of 16 Mr. Kingrey left his childhood home to work on a farm
    in Darke county, Ohio.
    In his childhood he attended the Sunday school of the church of the
    Brethren in Fort McKinley, Ohio. Later he joined the Greenville Creek
    Christian Church and continued as a loyal and active member of that
    church until the time of his departure to be with his Lord.
    Rev. Benjamin Kemp had married Mr. and Mrs. Kingrey and they joined the
    church under his ministry.
    Mr. Kingrey was a man of fine Christian character and noted for his
    industry and many excellent traits that won him a large circle of friends.
    A few days before his death, he was still able to continue some of his
    In his passing the family loses a kind father, a good husband and a
    wise counsellor. The church loses a faithful consistant member and the
    community loses a valued influencial citizen.
    'Sunset and evening star
    And one clear call for me,
    And may there be no moaning of the bar,
    When I put out to sea.

    For such a tide as moving seems asleep
    Too full for sound or foam,
    And that which drew from out the boundless deep
    Turns again home.

    Twilight and evening bell
    And after that the dark,
    May there be no sadness of farewell
    When I embark.

    For though from out our bourne of time and place
    The flood may bear me far,
    I hope to meet my Pilot face to face
    When I have crossed the bar.'

    According to the death certificate which I obtained from Miami County,
    William Kingrey died of complications three days after attempting suicide
    by slashing his neck. This was unknown to my father, Virgil Kingrey, who
    was 12 at the time of his grandfather William's death. He does remember
    hearing whispers of a suicide attempt by William; this could have been
    the one he heard about, or it could have been another attempt. Of
    course, those things weren't spoken of in that day, so there is no
    mention of it in the obituary. gives his name as William W. Kingrey. His middle name
    was definitely Henry, according to all family sources.

    Virginia Apple Leapley and Barbara Apple Hines remember Will as something
    of an amateur taxidermist. (Even though he died before they were born,
    they still visited the house where Ella lived, and his things were still
    there). He had a study full of small animals he'd caught and preserved
    himself: squirrel, groundhog, beaver, pheasant. He also had the head of
    a deer.
  • Birth*: 19 January 1865; Ft. McKinley, Montgomery, OH
  • Marriage*: 10 March 1889; Miami, OH; Principal=Mary Ellen (Ella) Wonner
  • Death*: 3 April 1942; Piqua, Miami, OH

Family: Mary Ellen (Ella) Wonner b. 25 Mar 1872, d. 23 Feb 1958

Sarah Ivah (Ivy) Myers

F, b. 6 December 1893, d. 27 September 1983
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  • Note*: Obituary: COVINGTON -- Sarah Ivah Kingrey, 89, 10100 W. Versailles Road,
    died Tuesday at 1:45 p.m. at her home.
    She was born Dec. 6, 1893, in Miami County, daughter of Matthew U. and
    Christina (Bashore) Myers.
    Her husband, LeRoy Kingrey, died in 1958.
    Surviving are two children, Mrs. Henry (Ina) Apple of Covington, and
    Virgil T. Taylor of Omaha, Neb.; eight grandchildren and 18
    great-grandchildren; and a sister, Christina Olinger, of Greenville.
    Mrs. Kingrey was a member of the Harris Creek Church of the Brethren
    where services will be held Saturday at 10 a.m. with the Rev. Harold
    Freeman officiating. Burial will be in Highland Cemetery, Covington.
    Friends may call at the Stocker Funeral Home in Bradford, Friday from 3
    to 8 p.m.
  • Birth*: 6 December 1893; Miami, OH
  • Death*: 27 September 1983; Covington, Miami, OH

Family: LeRoy Kingrey b. 13 Jan 1890, d. 2 Mar 1958

LeRoy Kingrey

M, b. 13 January 1890, d. 2 March 1958
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  • Note*: Cause of death: congestive heart failure
    Medical: Diabetes, glaucoma, asthma
    An obituary given to me by Ina Kingrey Apple
    BRADFORD--Services for LeRoy Kingrey, 68, will be held at 2 p.m. at the
    Stocker funeral home. Mr. Kingrey died at the home of a daughter, Mrs.
    Ina Pearl Apple, with whom he resided, at 12:30 p.m. yesterday. He had
    been ill for four months. A retired farmer, he was a member of the
    Greenville Creek Christian church. Besides his daughter, he is survived
    by a son, Virgil, Columbus. Friends may call at the funeral home after 2
    p.m. today. Burial will be in Highland cemetery, Covington.

    My grandfather LeRoy died when I was two weeks old. My father doesn't
    talk about him much. I know that he was blind from glaucoma for several
    years before his death. He and my grandmother were separated. Notice
    that she is not mentioned in the obituary, even though she survived him
    by 25 years and was ultimately buried beside him in Covington. I believe
    it was an unhappy relationship in which he possibly abused her, at least
    LeRoy in turn was from a home and family in which his parents
    domineered over him. It seems that after they were married, LeRoy and
    Ivah lived for a while with his parents, Will and Ella (Wonner) Kingrey.
    The parents were determined that 'Roy' and 'Ivy' not have children too
    soon, and so arranged the bedroom furniture in order that the bed was
    visible via a large mirror over the dresser which reflected into the
    living area of the house. There was no door on the bedroom. Other
    stories have been shared of Will hiding under Roy and Ivy's bed, and of
    Ella tying silverware and other metal objects to the underside of the bed
    so as to produce noise if there was too much movement on the mattress.
    In a family where such things have not been openly discussed, I tend to
    believe it's true; I see no reason to make it up. This comes from
    stories told to me by my aunt Ina Kingrey Apple, and by cousins Virginia
    Apple Leapley and Barbara Apple Hines. Ina says that these controlling
    tendencies came from Ella's family, which would have been Henry and Susan
    Searer Wonner.
    Perhaps this interference is the reason that my grandparents' marriage
    produced only two children, born 10 years apart. I do think it's
    interesting that Will and Ella also had only three children, widely
    spaced in age. Their son Omer only had one, and Ivan had two, closely
    spaced, but he was much younger and Will died about that time. Henry and
    Susan themselves were not very 'prolific,' having had only two children,
    one of whom died young.
    Ivy had left Roy by the time my father was an adolescent, and went to
    work as a live-in housekeeper in another city. She actually referred to
    herself as a 'governess.' My father spent his high school years living
    with his older sister Ina, who by then was married to my uncle Henry
    Apple. We (Kingrey and Apple children) have even wondered if Ina's
    marriage finally freed my grandmother to leave my grandfather, since it
    provided a viable alternative for Virgil's care. This is something my
    aunt Ina always did, from taking in her younger brother, to caring for
    each of her parents and Henry's father before they died.
  • Birth*: 13 January 1890; Bradford, Miami, OH
  • Death*: 2 March 1958; Covington, Miami, OH

Family: Sarah Ivah (Ivy) Myers b. 6 Dec 1893, d. 27 Sep 1983

Homer Kingrey

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Katherine Kingrey

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Ben Kingrey

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Scott Kingrey

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David Alan Kingrey

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Carol Ullery

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David William Kingrey

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  • Marriage*: 14 March 1962; Phillipsburg, OH; Principal=Carol Ullery

Frederick Ivan Kingrey

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  • Marriage*: 16 August 1963; Clayton, Montgomery, OH; Principal=Sharon Kaye Bond

Glenna Gertrude Elleman

F, b. 27 February 1907, d. 2 March 1992
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  • Note*: Documents: funeral folder, church bulletin
  • Birth*: 27 February 1907; West Milton, OH
  • Marriage*: 26 December 1936; Ludlow Falls, OH; Principal=Ivan Henry Kingrey
  • Death*: 2 March 1992; West Milton, OH

Family: Ivan Henry Kingrey b. 18 Feb 1909, d. 7 Apr 1996

Omer Kingrey

M, b. 2 March 1902, d. 28 April 1957
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  • Birth*: 2 March 1902; Miami, OH
  • Death*: 28 April 1957; Covington, Miami, OH

Family: Mildred Reiber

Ivan Henry Kingrey

M, b. 18 February 1909, d. 7 April 1996
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  • Note*: Documents: funeral folder, church bulletin, 'West Milton Record' dated
    April 17, 1991 which featured Ivan on the front page

    Ivan suffered a stroke at his home sometime on Friday night, April 5. He
    was found by a friend and taken to the hospital. He died on Easter
    Sunday, April 7. The funeral was held on Thursday, April 11. Memorials
    were accepted by the West Milton Fire Company, for whom Ivan had
    volunteered for many years.
  • Birth*: 18 February 1909; Bradford, Miami, OH
  • Marriage*: 26 December 1936; Ludlow Falls, OH; Principal=Glenna Gertrude Elleman
  • Death*: 7 April 1996; Miami, OH

Bertha M. Rodgers

F, b. 1877, d. 1955
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Family: Charles Edward Kingrey b. 1873, d. 1960

Charles Edward Kingrey

M, b. 1873, d. 1960
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  • Birth*: 1873
  • Marriage*: 3 March 1895; Montgomery, OH; Principal=Bertha M. Rodgers
  • Death*: 1960

Family: Bertha M. Rodgers b. 1877, d. 1955

(?) Coffman

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Sally Kingrey

F, b. circa 1867, d. after 1942
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  • Birth*: circa 1867
  • Death*: after 1942

? Heck

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Susie Kingrey

F, b. circa 1877, d. before 1942
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  • Birth*: circa 1877
  • Death*: before 1942

Alvin Kingrey

M, d. before 1942
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  • Death*: before 1942

Joseph Kingrey

M, d. before 1942
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  • Death*: before 1942

Albert S Kingrey

M, b. 15 July 1870, d. before 1942
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David Kingrey

M, d. before 1942
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  • Death*: before 1942